residential and commercial pressure washing in the tulsa area.

Pressure Washing


Our expertise and attention to detail make pressure washing an easy, comfortable, and cost effective experience for you.

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Photo: Content is never lost with Jetboost
Photo: Content is never lost with Jetboost

Raise your Property's value Today.

Did you know that just by pressure washing the siding of your home or business, you can raise it's value by up to $15,000? Mixed with our affordable pricing, pressure washing becomes an easy choice for any home, or business owner.

  • House Washing
  • Roof Washing
  • Driveway Washing
  • Window Washing
  • Rust Removal
  • Oil Removal

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"Back porch and garage looks amazing. Great Job! I highly recommend service."

- Ryan G

"Did a great job on pressure washing my house, driveway and sidewalk! As a realtor, I'll definitely refer my clients to use Oklahoma Pressure Washing for all their power washing needs. Thanks Felix!!"

- Ray N

Back porch and garage looks amazing. Great Job! I highly recommend service.

Ryan Graff

Very professional and courteous company

willie morris

Highly recommend.

Joe Kent

Very responsive, good price, good service, and kind.

Cindy Decker

My house looks great. It looks like new like when I first got it.

Vickie Gibbs

Felix did a awesome job power washing our driveway. I would recommend Oklahoma Pressure Washing to anyone.

Jeannie Leslie

Polite young gentleman. Excellent job on my house, highly recommend.

Stacie Santiago

Felix did a great job. Was patient and completed the work as promised.

Darrell Coulter

They done a really good job of pressure washing graffiti of of a brick and mortar building.

stephen pryor

Did a good job pressure washing my rv. Friendly and punctual. I would recommend these guys.

Michael Anderson

Very easy to work with.

William McGough

Did a great job on my home. The Tech was great . Came over and got it done . Will use them again and will tell my friends.

Jimmy Parks

Oklahoma Pressure Washing did a wonderful job on my driveway and patio. I highly recommend this company. I will undoubtedly call upon them for future work.

Lisa Perryman

Oklahoma Pressure Washing went above and beyond the call of a mere gutter cleaning. They also installed gutter guards for me during the cleaning process. The quality of the work was excellent, and the labor rates charged were an absolute bargain compared to most roofers and gutter cleaners in the Tulsa area.

Barry Solomon

Shout out to Felix for being so professional!

Kenny SL G

Great experience working with Felix he was very knowledgeable and took very good care of my house!

ryan mulewa

Did a great job pressure washing my home!

Amanda Gomes

These guys did an amazing job! About to put my house on the market and they knocked it out quick and made it look new! So many other pics I could have taken, but here’s one!

Mark Balke

Great job cleaning our gutters! Thank you!!

Michelle Raley

Felix was knowledgeable and professional! Our siding and driveway look great!

Jonathan Eslick

This company did a great job! I will absolutely be using them again!

Julie F

Felix and his crew did a great job pressure washing my driveway and sidewalks. They were prompt and courteous, and the price was great!

Monika Bhow

They did an amazing job! My gutters had not been cleaned in over 10 years and they flow like new now. Thank you OPW team!

Amanda Taylor

I've been a South Tulsa Home Owner since 1993. Needed my rain gutters cleaned. The Oklahoma Pressure Washing Company was very prompt, professional and dependable. Very fair pricing too. Went over and beyond my expectations. Cleaned the job site up very well after the work was done . I am very pleased! And, YES I plan on calling them again for future work at my house. You won't be disappointed. Give them a call.

Jon Bornert

These guys are amazing. Quick to give estimates and get the job scheduled. The patio, entry and pool area they worked on looks amazing. Great job.

Kasia Olek

Amazing!!!!! Seriously the best! We will use them for all our power washing needs! They were on time and did an absolutely amazing job!!!


Very pleased with this service. They were quick to respond, and did an outstanding job. Highly recommend them!

angi bowman

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pressure wash it myself?

You can pressure wash things on your own, however there are a few reasons we don't typically recommend it.

One being that machines from stores like Lowes or Home Depot are only able to clean at around 1/8th to 1/10th the speed at which a professional pressure washing company is able.

To counter this, some people will resort to a more aggressive spray nozzle which covers less area and causes more damage due to the amount of psi being applied to the surface.

About 7-10% of our residential and commercial jobs have permanent etch marks from these instances.

We have also commonly found that many handymen, painters, landscapers, and window washers who offer power washing are using this very same type of equipment in their businesses.

In many cases they can do damage to your home or simply get in over their head forcing them to cut corners or abandon the project because they didn’t change enough to cover the time it takes to do correctly.

A lot of hard work has gone into how we price our jobs, and it's not a task we take lightly. We are always happy to give free quotes to anyone who is interested!

How much does pressure washing cost?

Every new project can be different based on the time, weather, condition of building, materials, and just about a hundred other factors involved.

In our opinion, anyone who will give you a price based only on the square footage of your home or patio, etc. without seeing it is doing you a disservice.

We prefer to see every potential project with out clients in person when possible. This allows us to ask a few questions, answer any questions, walk you through our process, and give you the most accurate price.

This is the best way we know to stay honest and accurate to every single person we work with.

Can the cleaning solutions damage my plants or grass?

In the wrong hands, yes. Our typical algaecide concentration is far too low to pose a risk to any grass, plants, bushes, etc.

However, if your project requires a more aggressive approach we will cover any vegetation that could potentially be affected and heavily rinse everything throughout the cleaning.

Can things like oil or rust be removed?


Rust, oil, efflorescence, and many other things such as graffiti or tire marks can be completely removed from almost any surface!

We use only the highest quality cleaning solutions in the industry to provide environmentally friendly methods to get rid of any unwanted stains.

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